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UGC Update

As our trusted partners and affiliates, we wanted to provide you with an update on recent developments and the current status of the UPMC Genome Center (UGC). As some of you may know, the UGC has undergone changes in leadership, but we continue to be fully operational, providing the same high-throughput, industrial-scale, sequencing to the highest quality laboratory standards. 

Moving forward, the UGC is gearing up for growth, as we are looking at enhancements to our current clinical and research offerings, which will be announced in the coming months.    

Dara Kozak, UGC Operations Director and Lindsey Kelly, UGC Laboratory Manager remain our key operational leaders at the UGC, with Dan Bellissimo, UGC CLIA Director and myself serving as our executive leadership.   Read more about our team here

We encourage you to get in touch with us through the contact form on our website and connect with us on LinkedIn for the latest news. We look forward to continuing to be your chosen partner for next-generation sequencing.   


Ed Smith, MS, MBA 
Sr. Director, Clinical Genomics Services